NB Williams

Writer of fact, fantasy, and the realms between.

A Bit About Me

I love the cold. Snow, ice, wind -- bring it on. But time and again I find myself living in the hottest, most humid places in the U.S. Florida, Texas -- who knows what's next. The way things are going, probably a nice little hut on the equator! Good thing writing can be done from the air conditioned comfort of home or I'd be one unhappy camper.

You've read the home page -- I've been writing a long time, both for work and for play. Now I get to combine the two into one wonderful life!

Having triplets in college means I've got a lot on my plates, but that's not stopping our next move: Bee Ridge Ranch, a lovely windswept place in the Texas Hill Country where my husband and I and our two dogs plan on putting down roots, raising bees, and enjoying the great wide open.
If you want to know more about my writing career, head on over to www.gottabeewriting.com and check it out. There's lots of good info there for aspiring writers and authors. I'm also on LinkedIn, which showcases many of the articles I've written over time.

Like many writers, I march to a different beat.
Living in a house built of shipping containers is one example of how that beat whirls me in the opposite direction of convention at times. Writing strange, twisted, and fantastic tales is another example, but I also love doing hard-and-fast research that comes from seeking unconventional solutions to common problems, like stress.
I guess although I have a strange mix of interests, at least they're well-balanced!

Bees from our hives!

Violet and Ruby, my writing companions!

L iving in Texas has its benefits. Our property has a beautiful view and there are many wild visitors each day.

Plus, there's top-notch barbecue here. And jalapenos to add a bit of spice to life. Add a tall glass of iced tea to sip on when the sun gets hot or your tongue is burning from all those peppers, and it can be heaven!

One final note: raising bees is fast becoming a passion. They're an amazing source of wonder and curiosity and a great example of how to work together to get things done. All across the world, people are finally realizing that no bees means no plants, no animals, no us. I love helping these important members of our ecosystem to thrive and I urge you to do the same. You don't have to be a beekeeper -- just plant flowers and landscape with bee-friendly plants. Provide water and shelter for them and please, please, don't use pesticides or herbicides!

We love our bee family. With ten hives aiming for twenty, we should be well on our way to a honey surplus next year. We're hoping to sell most of it and donate 100% to charity, because that's just sweet, right?