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Where Do Morticians Come From?

One Size Does NOT Fit All: Stress Management
July 6, 2016
It’s waited in the salt for over one thousand years . . .
July 6, 2016

This and other questions answered in this delightfully twisted collection of short stories.

E ver wonder why entire families specialize in the mortuary arts? Or why you shouldn't believe that while sticks and stones will break your bones, names will never hurt you.

Bent serves up horror `a la carte so you can pick and choose your dark pleasure. Fond of blood? “The Book Collector” serves up a diabolic twist on his favorite genre to slake your thirst. Into dark humor? Try “The Eighth Sin” for a glimpse inside the devilish politics of a demon family. Love horrific relationships? “Well-Preserved” exposed the oddities of a certain kind of love—and answers the eternal question of where mortician families originate. In other stories, time travelers, Greek heroines, and curmudgeonly sociopaths give you that spicy shiver of impending doom that's a must-have when reading psychological horror. In fact, if you’re feeling peckish, you can have science fiction horror as an aperitif, a main course of serial killers with a side of insanity, followed by dessert with the Devil. It’s your choice.

No matter what your taste, Bent offers a smörgåsbord of sixteen spine-tingling treats to feast upon. There's even convenient portion sizes, from flash fiction up to nearly-novella sized stories, so you can find a bookish morsel to fit any time of day. Bon appetit!

"Keep a night light on while you read this one! I found myself jumping at every creak and hum my house made and peering into the darkness to make sure I was really, REALLY alone as NB Williams gnawed away at my nerves with each bite sized thriller in this collection of short stories. Her twisted storylines and vivid details will pop, unbidden, into your mind for days. Bent is creepy stuff."

T he casket was exquisite. The brushed stainless steel exterior is complemented by a white velvet lining that gathers in graceful folds. She looks radiant with her thick black hair tumbled in artful curls on the silk pillow and a lovely pink bloom staining her cheeks. Her lips still smile their knowing half-smile and her thick, sooty lashes lay heavily upon her cheeks.

He’d chosen a dress the color of candlelight, giving her the aspect of a princess bride awaiting a kiss from her handsome prince to wake her from slumber. He held the babe in one arm as he gazed at its mother, bouncing him to keep him quiet. The child had had his first feeding of elixir, which had calmed the throaty cries of his birth.

Roger smoothed a tendril of hair from her shoulder, a shadow of longing on his lantern-jawed face. He closed his eyes, bowing his head in mourning for the wife he would never have and the mother his son would never know. This was the way of his family, but knowing it didn’t make life any easier.

Excerpt from "Well-Preserved"from Bent: A Collection of Twisted Short Stories.

„ These stories are amazing. There's really something for every horror fan in this collection. Tension, horror, blood, and some that leave you wondering what the hell planet you're on. Awesome read!”

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