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It’s waited in the salt for over one thousand years . . .

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An evil so ancient, it was recorded in the Bible.

S alt in the Blood is a supernatural suspense novella that offers the reader fast-paced action and descriptive horror, setting the scene for a mystery of ancient origins.

When caregiver Julianna Margate takes a job looking after the aging widow of the county’s most prominent businessman, she never expects to come face to face with a creature so ancient, its long-forgotten origins are recorded in the Bible. But the longer she stays at Harrow House, the more Julianna realizes something is not quite right. .

Tension seethes between Lavinia Harrow and her manservant and there’s something more than just bricks and mortar comprising the house. When Julianna comes face-to-face with the surprising truth behind the demise of Lavinia’s husband, Randall, and the connection between the family’s fortune and the presence in the mine, she must act fast to save her charge’s life and her own.

„What a very interesting and enjoyable read. A well written story that grabs and holds your attention...and an ending that definitely had me wanting to read more in the series. I felt such empathy with most of the characters and loathing for some...that's a sure sign of a great storyteller. Look forward to more stories in this saga. ”

M ore silence, then a wheezy sigh and the sound of a slow scuffling gait that pushed salt pebbles ahead of it like a plow. She held her head steady as a shadowy form appeared in the outer reaches of the light’s determined beam. As the figure took on features, Julianna squinted, as though that would somehow limit the impact of the horror moving toward her.

What had once been a man took labored steps into the light, which glanced off the tight, charred surfaces of his skin. His body was patterned in a patchwork of black and red that glistened like a basted ham in the beam. There were parts where underlying skeleton poked through the ruined flesh, stark white bone with charred bits on top. Black tatters of skin stretched across vast areas of red flesh that wept pus. One side of his face had been excoriated to the bone, and Julianna could see his jawbone working as he labored for air.

She took an involuntary step backward, causing the figure to halt.
“I told you I wasn’t easy to look upon.” The figure bowed his head and gave a sigh. “Will you turn the light away now?”
Julianna shifted the beam toward the floor, but kept it pointed in his direction.
“Who are you?”

Excerpt from supernatural suspense novella Salt in the Blood.

„ I read a lot of books and this one is fantastic! It's a riveting dark and twisted tale of greed and redemption that grips you and doesn't let you go until the last word. I can't wait for Book Two! Highly recommend!”

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