The Clarion Call Anthology, Vol. 3: UNBOUND

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July 6, 2016
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October 31, 2017

The Clarion Call Anthology, Vol. 3: UNBOUND

domesticated, but not tamed

It’s my pleasure to have my short story, “Domesticated, But Not Tamed” accepted in to the Agorist Writer’s Workshop’s  third anthology: Clarion Call Vol. 3: Unbound. This libertarian anthology’s theme for this year was fantasy fiction. For me, weaving the tenets of libertarian thought through the framework of a fantasy tale was a unique and interesting challenge — one that was far too good to pass up. My story takes place in one of the lands of Hyfe, where the industrious Imbe are struggling under the oppressive grip of an expansion-minded Queen.

The anthology will be offered in paperback and on Amazon in November of this year, so I’ll link through to it once it’s available. In the meantime, let me give you the intro to the story:

Domesticated, But Not Tamed

The noonday sun shone upon the water, fracturing its surface into a thousand tiny flames. The bright points of light dazzled Zanzi’s eyes, but it was too beautiful for her to look away.

It was a good day to die.

She watched a cluster of milkweed seeds float by drifting serene, yet directionless, in the wind. The irony was not lost upon her. Since the last Imbe Council met, they’d all felt a bit untethered from their usual reality. Untethered and at risk, she thought, a bit sadly. With resignation, she stood from her perch at the edge of the brook and shook the pollen from her wings. Her pale hair hung down her back; she tied it with a leather thong to keep it out of her face and picked up her quiver and arrows.

It was best to get it over with.

I’m excited to read the other authors’ works and see how they’ve incorporated libertarianism into their own fantastic worlds.  Agorist writes:

“We received many entries representing an impressively wide myriad of fantasy fiction sub-genres, and selected 15 of the best for this year’s publication.  We present fifteen talented writers with tales that are as imaginative and uniquely engaging as they are embodying the message of liberty. From trolls to mermaids to animal hybrids to dragons, we present this year’s winning entries!”

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